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This portfolio showcases some of my past work. I have included technical examples along with curriculum and pedagogical examples. My Previous Portfolio was lost in hurricane Irma so I am slowly rebuilding the portfolio. This site uses the Moodle LMS with a custom theme. This Moodle installation is on a Rackspace cluster running Ubuntu, php7, MySQL, and all required plugins.

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Working With Difficult People

Interpersonal communication is built on the bedrock of confidence, presence, social and emotional intelligence, and being open with others and yourself. This course will cover all of these dimensions, including how they play into your management style and your workplace actions like holding difficult conversations.

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A Lenders Guide to Compliance

During the last few years, both Congress and the various federal regulators have crafted revisions to many of the regulations that have been a part of our lending lives. This has resulted in many additional regulatory  issues in every mortgage loan transaction.  As a result, lenders have been struggling to determine what they should do to assure that they not only make a safe and sound loan for the bank, but also do so in a manner that will not create regulatory difficulties.

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